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Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎开设了一家新的豪华酒店

巴黎的豪华酒店Cristiano Ronaldo 有很大的商业想法。 Star of Juventus Torino wants to open a hotel in Paris that will be called “CR7”. Cristiano Ronaldo chose his new location to open the sixth Ronaldo hotel. The announcement was made by the Pestana group, which is associated with Cristiano Ronaldo in this real estate project.

The new hotel is scheduled to open in 2021. According to Pestana, it will have 210 rooms, will be quoted at 4 stars and will be the largest in the Ronaldo chain. The investment will amount to 60 million euros and will be positioned in the western part of Paris, according to goal.fr.

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Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎1开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎2开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎3开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎4开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎5开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎6开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎7开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎8开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎9开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎10开设了一家新的豪华酒店
Cristiano Ronaldo在巴黎11开设了一家新的豪华酒店
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At the beginning of the year, Pestana announced that it will open a hotel in Marrakech, a new investment in the partnership they have with Juventus star. Construction works started and the hotel will be inaugurated in mid-2019. The Pestana Group invested 50 percent and Ronaldo half the amount needed.

Hotel Ronaldo’s Moroccan hotel will have 164 rooms. So far, hotels in the “Pestana CR7” chain have been opened in Lisbon and Funchal. By 2020, two Pestana-Ronaldo partnerships will be inaugurated in Madrid and New York.

The Pestana Group, founded in 1972, is present in 20 countries around the world. In total, the group has 87 hotels, more than 11,000 rooms, golf courses, and two casinos.


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